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Virtual HIIT Classes in Redmond, OR

Virtual HIIT Classes

"Starting 12/1"

Get your hour long, cardio sweat session in using a combination of CrossFit style movements, body weight movements, and of course a high drive to get your heart rate thumping! All from the comfort of your home, garage, temporary work location, or vacation spot!

Why go to Virtual Online classes? We’ve all been there . . . Kids are at home or can’t make class in person – now you have an option to still get your workout in and stay on tasks with your goals. This is also a great entry point for those who are too nervous to step foot into an in-person gym, but still want to take steps further into their fitness journey.

Equipment needs:

  • A small amount of space, but not much.
  • Some form of weight: Dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted med ball, etc. are all good options (bodyweight/scaling options available if you don't have access to weight!)
  • Bench, box or other substitute (even a sturdy chair could work)
  • Wifi/ability to connect to Zoom

By no means do you need to go out and buy every piece of equipment listed above! Get creative and use what's in your home – for example, a cooler is a great option for box step ups, or can be used for elevated push ups, elevated lunges, etc.

Instructor: Kirsten Kler leads this class! Kirsten has 25+ years in the industry and is a CrossFit Masters Athlete.


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