Siegfried Ocker

Siegfried Ocker



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
USAW Level 1 Sport Performance
Bachelors in Kinesiology and emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy
Siegfried Ocker

About Coach

Sigi Ocker graduated from Whittier College in 2018 with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and an emphasis in Pre-PT. Sigi has been an athlete all his life, playing lacrosse through middle school, high school, and college, captaining teams both senior years. Once lacrosse was over though, it was time to find something else that brought out a competitive drive and fostered community. Sigi first started weightlifting in college as supplementary training to his college sport of lacrosse. He spent the summer before his senior year getting certified with USAW Weightlifting making him a United States Weightlifting Level 1 (USAW Level 1) certified coach, and then interning in the Whittier College weight room that year. He was responsible for helping train the athletic teams and was solely responsible for the programming and training of the Whittier College tennis team. After college, Coach Sigi began interning at CrossFit Whittier and shortly after took over the StrongFit and Olympic Lifting classes. His efforts at StrongFit's programming has produced over 30 personal records. Like many, Sigi was hooked on CrossFit from the start. After joining a CrossFit box in 2018 Sigi quickly got his Level 1 CrossFit Training Certificate and began coaching classes. Coach Sigi believes that CrossFit’s methodology of using constantly varied functional movements at high intensity is key to combatting disease while simultaneously promoting health and incredible athletic performance. Sigi is also very passionate about nutrition and loves helping others explore new foods and ways to fuel workouts with healthy foods. Sigi’s dedication to crossfit has led him to achieving his CrossFit Level 2 Training Certificate in order to provide the best experience to the CrossFit community. Sigi enjoys helping others pursue and achieve their goals and coaching is something he’s gravitated towards for over four years. Currently Sigi is interviewing for Physical Therapy school and working part time at Rebound Physical Therapy as a PT Aide, and Bend Lift in Bend as a fitness coach. If you see Sigi in the gym, go give him a high five and tell him about your goals!

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