Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie



CrossFit Level 1 Certificate, Chris’s Military schooling includes Airborne School, Engineering Officers Basic course, Sappers Leaders Course, Infantry Captains Career Course, Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS), Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape – C (SERE-C), Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC), 2 x Special Forces Advances Urban Combat Course (SFAUC), Combatives Level 1 and 2, Special Forces Basic Military Mountaineering.
Chris Gillespie

About Coach

Chris has been a lifelong fitness enthusiast and athlete, spanning multiple disciplines to include football, wrestling, powerlifting, track and field and then military service. Chris service in the Army for 10 years as an Engineering and Special Forces (Green Beret) Officer with combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and operational deployments to Jordan, Thailand, and Cambodia. His experience spans many domains of fitness to include general fitness, durability, strength, endurance and mental toughness.

Turning Point

Chris was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 when he was deployed to Iraq when a Special Forces Operator ask him if he had ever tried it, since these operators were using it in their physical training. Chris incorporated many aspects of CrossFit methodology into his fitness regimen over the years within the military with extraordinary success. After leaving Military service, Chris felt lost from a team and began training at a CrossFit gym regularly since 2017. Chris fell in love with the Community as it brought a sense of camaraderie he once had in the military.

Motivation & Passion

Chris has a passion for teaching and holding people accountable to their goals. He has invested himself in the CrossFit community and wants to grow to be able to provide the best level of expertise to anyone participating. Chris is passionate about building people up in their fitness, leadership and most importantly as a member of a team and family!

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